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Very slow

Slow to load

Not useful in a US National Park

As you dont have internet connection in the US National Parks , you cant load maps or check any content. When on internet , the content is off by 30 to 45 degrees, which is fine when back at the hotel but useless on the trail. Stick to the maps and compass.

Waiting for this

Every hiker wants this - I now know what that peak is! Thanks

I paid 5$ for a seizure

This app is flashing and going nuts! It won't even use the camera properly to view the mountains..... uhhh where's my money back

Did not work - just flickered

I live in Colorado Springs and downloaded the app. It never actually showed any peaks even when I downloaded the regional map. It flickered like a light bulb going bad and over heated my phone

Not what I hoped it would be!

Billed to give topographic information. Does not work for me. Not worth the money!

Great and useful app

I love Peakvisor. I hike in the Adirondacks, and I’m never quite sure which peaks I can see from my location. Peakvisor makes it easy! The developer is very responsive; I asked a question and he replied in a few hours. A great app, and new features are added frequently.


Works great! This is a must-have for any mountain enthusiast. Albeit it does not suffice for a quad map or good gps, it does provide great information and pinpoint location of peaks. I am told that next version is in near future with more great functions. Hint to developer: I would like to see glaciers added. Also a function to mark peaks that I have achieved with dates and notes. This would be a great peak-baggers journal!

The outdoor AR app you’ve been waiting for!

Title says it all. Really worth every penny and customer service is even better!

Great but missing a few peaks

I can name all the peaks I live around. Maybe it’s just the locals names for various humps and such. But it would be cool to be able to add a few

Need a refund

It tells me I need to turn on compass calibration. Will not let me get past the screen. It is completely useless.

Works great

I used the app when backpacking in Yosemite Np. It showed names and detail of all the peaks that appear in my real time camera and even some peaks that were behind objects. Of course I had to download offline data of Yosemite region before hand. Overall I think the app deserves 5 stars because It helped me a lot in backcountry

Great app

This app has managed to tackle some really interesting obstacles. In order to get the right information in the right place. This app could easily cost more then it does! It’s a major value add to my life here in Colorado!

Fun to use and awesome customer service

Love knowing the peaks and additional info for where I live and when we camp. I noticed one peak’s height was incorrect, so I emailed the developer and he responded within a couple of hours and fixed it!

Would be PERFECT but...

Love everything about this app except the way it updates. For some reason nearly every time I try to use it, it needs to update the data by downloading the vicinity. Of course this is always exactly when I’m on the trail without data or wireless available. This app beats the competition in about every other way by leaps and bounds so I hope they fix that!

Will not open. Crashes repeatedly.

His concept is very cool. I spend a lot of time in the mountains and love identifying peaks. This will come in handy........if it will ever open. It crashes every time. It appears to be downloading some files to run and hard crashes. I have yet to use the app. I have an iPhone 6+. Would rate higher if it actually worked.

So far, so good! (Edited 3/8/18)

Downloaded the app, open it and the screen constantly flickers. Apple should offer refunds for apps that are junk and purchased from the App Store. If I could give this 0 or negative stars, I would. *updated 3/3/18* I downloaded the latest update and so far the app is working very well.

Useless app - no match of app to real mountains

I’m in Les Masses in the Alps and even after downloading over a thousand blocks of data, there is no range I can point at where the labels match the mountains. The artificial horizon is also in the wrong place.


I downloaded this to use in the Appalachians. When I opened it to use, it kept saying “composing panoramas”...”6/8...5/8...then 13/8, 12/8...” It just keeps counting and does nothing.

Great app

Lovin’ this in the mountains

Lost River Mountain Range, Idaho

This app only has one of the seven Idaho 12ers in the Lost River Mountain Range. App only has Leatherman Peak, and is missing (4) Mount Church, Mount Donaldson, Lost River Mountain Peak, and Mount Breitenbach, all that should be viewable in the landscape from the north side of Mackey Reservoir. Could not tell if Mount Borah or Mount Idaho was visible from this location.

All the features I've wanted

This app has all the features I've wanted where similar ones have lacked in the past.

Cool app

I just moved to Alaska and have no idea what mountains I am seeing on a regular basis so to find an app like this is awesome! I feel more knowledgeable and informed. Thanks! Maybe add more information about the mountains like where trailheads are and stories on them.

A small learning curve, then AWESOME photos!

I am an avid hiker in Maine's Northwoods and I am always wondering what peaks are right in front of me. This app not only shows me, it lets me capture it with the actual mountain view I am seeing and add their name and elevation. When I first started using it, I could not figure out how to get it to line up. First you snap a photo and then you can adjust it horizontally and vertically to line up with your view PERFECTLY. You can also make the mountain ridge lines disappear once you have used them to line up the range. You can add a selfie to the bottom corner. You can click on mountains you want to not be in your photo and you can even favorite mountains!! Check it out!! Totally worth it! Most importantly, where I hike, there is no service. I downloaded my regional area and have NEVER had a problem!

Insufficient data

The AR is cool, but it only shows labels for 1 out of 3 peaks I'm interested in from my location in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I would expect it to be at least as good as my topo map.

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